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Group Lessons for Beginning to Experienced Actors
At ACA, group lessons have no more than 8 to 10 students in each class. Every student receives individual attention and the opportunity to work every week. Lessons are designed to strengthen partner work through the performing of duet scenes. A Class Act acting classes strengthen internal commitment and character relationships. Work will be intense, demanding and fulfilling in terms of personal growth. Influenced by the work of Stanislavski, Meisner & Chekhov, this technique will give the actor clarity and subtle character nuance.

Private Coaching
 Private coaching lessons are tailored to your particular needs and personality in order to get maximum results in each lesson.  Private coaching may focus on voice quality and support, movement and body choices and deep personalization of the character; as well as other artistic paths of self discovery. Private Coaching is by Appointment only.

Other Services

- Private Coaching in voice and movement for the public speaker tailored for business
  executives and professionals

- Weekend Workshops in Unarmed Combat for the Stage
- Consulting/Problem solving for stage productions
- On location film and commercial actor coaching
- Lectures
- Conference workshops

If interested in further information please call (417) 766-3139 or Contact Us Here.